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Greetings, and thank you for your interest in the Pitterpats home based business opportunity! I have compiled a list of questions that are frequently asked about the Pitterpats business and training session. I hope it will help to better acquaint you with this unique and rewarding business venture. If you have a question that is not answered here or on our website at, please ask. I offer training sessions on a quarterly basis and have included those dates for you.

What equipment will I need for my Pitterpats business?     [top]

You will be responsible for the purchase of a kiln and the furniture that goes inside. The furniture refers to the components that stack and hold your Pitterpats for firing. I will furnish you with several manufacturers/distributors of kilns to help you make that decision.

How much does a kiln cost ?

Kilns vary in price, according to manufacturers, size and style. A fair estimate for the size needed for Pitterpats is approximately $1800.00 for a new kiln. I personally own a used kiln that was purchased over 13 years ago that is still running strong and I paid $250.00. It pays to shop around!

Other than the kiln, what other purchases do I need to make to start my business?
After the initial purchase of the Pitterpats business as outlined in the contract agreement, and the purchase of a kiln, you are ready to open!

You will receive over 150 pounds of materials and product supplies to get you started. If you are driving to the training, you will take everything with you;

If you are flying, I will ship your training materials and clay to your home. I have had ladies bring an empty suitcase and take as much home with them as they could!

What is included in the 150 pounds of supplies and materials?

Much of the weight is the clay. If you are driving to California for the training, you will take it with you. If you are flying I will arrange to have the clay delivered to you along with the other materials shown in training. These would include the necessary tools for your Pitterpats business as well as the marketing and printed materials.

Are my prices the same as yours for my Pitterpat products?      [top]

For your initial supply of flyers I will set your prices. These can easily be changed per your location, cost of living, etc. You will receive a marketing disc that will hold all of your printed materials. Changes can be made on the disc to better suit your needs.

What happens when my supplies run out?

I will give you distributors in your area (where available) to order your supplies. This will cover your glazes and clay. A local copy shop will do fine for your printed materials. Pitterpats printing needs do not require a full house printer.

How much does the Pitterpats Business cost?

To purchase your own Pitterpats, the business investment is $12,000.00

I’m very interested! What do I need to know?

Your next step will be to download our contract agreement, read through the entire agreement, choose your desired training dates, and then mail the signed and completed contract back to me.

I’ll be flying out to California. What airport should I fly into? Do you have suggestions for hotels in the area?      [top]

We have 2 airports that are nearby. One is in San Luis Obispo, CA. which is approx. 30 miles north of Nipomo. The other is Santa Maria, CA. which is approx. 10 miles south of Nipomo. There are 2 hotels that I would recommend which happen to be next to each other. They are conveniently located 3 miles from my home and I have enclosed information.

Is anyone already doing Pitterpats in my area?

I will be happy to let you know if there is anyone in your city or state that has purchased Pitterpats. There can easily be several Pitterpats in the same county, depending on the size/population. Because Pitterpats is not a franchise, we do not promise or give territory rights.

Can I contact someone who has purchased Pitterpats?

A franchise would most likely offer territory rights as well as the option to contact another franchisee. Along with that would possibly come royalty fees, quotas to be met and a larger purchase price (much larger!). Pitterpats is not a franchise. We share the success of Pitterpats in the training program and give you the freedom to build your business according to your desire.

What should I pack and what should I bring with me?      [top]

Just be comfortable! Blue jeans are fine. The weather is very nice in Nipomo year around, but sometimes it’s a little chilly in the morning. You will receive training manuals with extra paper for jotting down notes or ideas you may have. I will have snack foods and drinks available for everyone to munch on. If you have a special diet or would like to bring something, please let me know and I will accommodate.


Please let me know if you have a special question regarding Pitterpats. You can call me at 805-929-1303 or email me from our Contact page. You can also send me a fax at 805-929-1136.


I am praying with you in your decision making. Ask the Lord what He would have you do. May His perfect will be revealed to you and your family!

In His Hands,

Cyndi Chambers


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