Introducing our newest business owners:

Below is contact information for our most recent business owners. Each owner has participated in our three day training program which has given them the necessary tools, personalized training along with our 20 years experience in the Pitterpats business, offering the freedom and convenience of working from home. Success that can be yours as well!

Diana Southaphanh from Santa Barbara, CA:
Email: dianasouthaphanh@yahoo.com

Candace Holthaus from Florida:
Email: candihaus@yahoo.com

Anita Rajan from Minnesota:
Email: Kriti_rajan@yahoo.com

Leanne Norby from Washington:
Email: lynnwood@kidsnclay.com

Fernandez from Tulare, CA:

Business Startups and Inventory Procedures:

Pitterpats® can work with low overhead while maintaining a high profit margin. (See examples of income possibilities) There are necessary tools you will need to start your business. These tools, along with a 50 lb. supply of clay will be given to you on the very first day of training. In your Pitterpats® business it is your responsibility to purchase a kiln. To assist you I can furnish information for several kiln manufacturers.  I will teach you the complete step by step procedure for the precious Pitterpats® impressions. This process will be "hands on" so you will be doing the work in all the different steps, through to completion. See Training program below. (3-Day Training Program)

Packaging Theme:

This package will be given to you with your printed business materials. These professional artwork pieces are delivered to you, ready to insert name and phone number by your local printer. You will receive Pitterpats® camera ready artwork with the complete product line of logos as well as business card, letterhead, product information card, gift certificates, receipts and customer postcards. The Pitterpats® name and logo design are indeed a great advantage for you! The Pitterpats trademark is registered with the Patent and Trademark Office, thus protecting you and your business name.

Marketing Plan:

This marketing plan really gets me excited! I developed this business, along with the plan in 1991 and it has proven to be the success of the business. My customer list continues to grow daily and my income has tripled since that time. My educational background as well as eight years with a major advertising agency in Santa Barbara, California allows me to give you the very best marketing strategy for your business. Please understand that your business will depend on solid and tested marketing. This is the Pitterpats® success story! It must be consistent, creative, purposeful, targeted and unique... I have that plan for you! There are several ways to market your Pitterpats® business without spending very much money or in some cases, any money at all. In fact, some of the very best advertising "investments" I've made have been free of charge. My Pitterpats® business continues to grow, receiving recognition from all over the Central California Coast. With this easy to follow marketing plan, your Pitterpats® business is sure to get off to a great start. Just don't be surprised if the phone starts ringing off the hook!

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